The Hemp World Tour Tee Vintage Black

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Late in the Bones Warehouse one night, after a few not so quiet bevs, we were thinking to ourselves - “Imagine if there was a Tee that you could party in all day, then take off, tear apart, and blaze up with all your mates?” Which led us to creating our first Hemp Tee!

After a little research we then found out that’s not what Hemp is. You can’t smoke it. Turns out It’s just a sustainable, organic really comfy fabric that makes a pretty sweet Tee.

Made from 100% HEMP.  

 This vintage inspired tee takes inspiration from old school faded, worn and pre loved vintage tees.


Our band tees are pretty standard sizing, so buy how you want to wear it, if you want it big and baggy go a size up but if you want it to fit normally wear your standard size.

Models are wearing size XL

Size Length(cm) Width (cm)
S 63 43
M 67 48
L 71 53
XL 74 58
2XL 77 62


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