The Dreggs Collab Tee

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This vintage inspired tee takes inspiration from old school faded, worn and pre loved vintage tees.

SHIPPED 30.11.2022

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when it dawns on you that one of your nearest and dearest is actually f*cking killing it?

That’s the kind of vibes we’ve got right now for our boys the Dreggs! We’ve been on the boys since day dot and are proud to say that being fans has grown to being family.

Now we couldn’t be more stoked to be supporting the lads on their Head Above Water Tour!

It’s no secret the boys love to run their Bones gear at gigs, but what really stokes us out is seeing all you crazy bastards running Bones gear at shows alongside them.
We cannot wait to be there alongside the Club, lapping up the return of live music after so long without!

In support of their upcoming tour, we’re teaming up on this Limited Edition Tee - The Head Above Water Tee. This is a SUPER Limited drop, so get in quick!

ey are gone. Enjoy and stay bad. #BADTOTHEBONES

Sizing: Our band tees are pretty standard sizing, so buy how you want to wear it, if you want it big and baggy go a size up but if you want it to fit normally wear your standard size.

Size Length(cm) Width (cm)
S 63 43
M 67 48
L 71 53
XL 74 58
2XL 77 62

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